How to design lighting fixtures in children's room? How to buy Lamps in children's room

When arranging children's rooms, many parents pay too much attention to the fun and childlike appearance, thus ignoring the brightness and reality of the lights. However, children's room is a place where children stay more except reading. Parents should pay attention to relevant matters of children's room when decorating. Even the lamps in children's room can't be careless. So, how to design the lighting fixtures in the children's room?

How to design lighting fixtures in children's room

1. The lampshade should cover the bulb. It is more appropriate to choose a light color for the lampshade in the children's room, and try to choose one that can cover the bulb, in order to avoid children touching the bulb. On the one hand, the bulb heat is high and burns children; On the other hand, the grease on children's fingers will make dust adsorb on the bulb, reduce the service life of the bulb, and even cause the bulb to explode, which is not good.

2. The children's room with multiple sockets is a more self-contained space for children at home. Whether it's learning, playing or playing with friends, it is mostly carried out in this free small world. Therefore, the lighting layout in the room is more than that in the adult room; For electrical equipment such as computers, air conditioners and televisions, more sockets need to be installed during decoration to avoid overload connection of electrical equipment at a single power point due to insufficient sockets.

3. The socket should be covered and children like to climb everywhere, so we must pay attention to whether the power socket in the children's room is safe. Ordinary power sockets have no cover. For the sake of children's safety, we should choose a socket with a safety cover, or a socket that can be closed automatically when the plug is unplugged.

4. The wire of the wall lamp must go into the wall. Children are lively and active by nature, and are full of strong curiosity about the things around them, but they lack the sense of self-protection. Therefore, if a wall lamp is installed in the children's room, we must pay attention not to expose the power cord. It is no joke that the provincial children play with the wire as a toy, causing the risk of electric shock.

How to buy Lamps in children's room

1. Not only children, but also many adults choose lamps with lampshades. If they look at lamps that directly see bulbs, it will be dazzling when they turn on the lights, and they will feel uncomfortable. If they go on for a long time, they will have a lot of adverse effects on their eyesight.

2. Choose adjustable lamps, which can adjust the brightness and angle. On the one hand, they can increase the interest of the room, on the other hand, they can also be adjusted freely according to the children's needs. For example, I bought a children's ceiling lamp without aurora. At that time, there were three-color lights and electrodeless lights to choose from. The three-color lights are white light, warm light Neutral light (only light color can be adjusted). Aurora free is that you can control the three light colors and brightness through remote control. It will be more practical and power-saving than trichromatic light.

3. In terms of space, desk lamps with adjustable angles can be placed on the desktop, and ceiling lamps or chandeliers with slightly brighter main lamps can be selected. At first, children will be afraid of the dark when they sleep alone. We can install some wall lamps with unique shapes and warm light, so that you can turn on the small wall lamps when you want to see if children kick the quilt in the middle of the night, The gentle warm light is also quiet at night. It won't wake up the children all at once. Turning on the headlights all at once will be uncomfortable to the children's eyes when the brightness is very bright.

4. Select lamps without stroboscopic lighting. Stroboscopic lamps are easy to cause visual fatigue. The obvious stroboscopic is that when you shoot the lamp with your mobile phone, the high-frequency flicker of the screen image is stroboscopic.


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